Pixel 2 Editions, Inc. was established in 2002 to meet the versatile printing needs of both individuals and companies alike. Painter and computer graphic veteran Mark O’Donnell decided to take a chance and walk away from his career as a production manager in the digital art field to concentrate on both his art and benefiting established and emerging artists with his expertise in fine art production to get their unique artistic visions out to the masses. Possessing a blend of technical know-how and an artist’s eye, Mark works from start to finish with each artist making sure every detail from texture to color is taken care of until their creative vision is achieved. From working on the first Iris printer in Chicago, to purchasing the latest printer on the market today, Mark has extensive experience in the industry. He was there at the birth of the Giclee print, and even now stays on the cutting edge of the technological evolution of the digital portion of the fine art world. Mark's many years of hard work and research now benefit artists from all over the world to assist them in bringing their art to the public. There to answer any questions and guide artists in overcoming issues like ink longevity, slow turnarounds, poor imaging and color correction, often lacking in many reproduction houses, due to inexperience and poor quality materials. Pixel 2 Editions, Inc. is proud to offer state of the art service coupled with highest-quality available processes, fast turnaround times and archival inks allowing your art to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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More interesting facts

Pixel 2 Editions is a specialist digital boutique for the fine art world. You’ll find from your first meeting to final delivery that the quality of the work and your customer experience will far exceed your expectations. As an artist to an artist, we care about your art as much as you do. As you walk in art immediately surrounds you at every turn. Ideas and inspiration as well as a friendly greeting will immediately welcome you. We find as artists come in to share their latest works with us, others stop by as well and a spontaneous mini town hall of idea sharing and colloboration is born. We calibrate our iMacs every week so in viewing your works the clarity and color will be as accurate as possible even before an initial print test. With our extensive R&D in color profiling, in many cases a test print may not even be necessary. Come join our community today and lets see where your work takes you!