UV direct printing on vinyl records

UV direct printing is a versatile service that can help you create unique types of art prints for your clients. One option that is very popular among our artists is UV printing on vinyl records.

Available options and pricing

  • We have 12″ vinyl with clear plastic sleeves in stock
  • Printing Price: $27.00 each (Minimum order $75) on our stock albums
  • Printing Price: $15.00 each (Minimum order $75) if you supply your own albums

Custom photo collage on the vinyl album:

Provide up to 3 images along with text or song lyrics and simple instructions. We will design a photo collage and print it on the vinyl album. 

Price: $47 if we provide the album or $40 if you supply the album with minimum order of $75.

Any alterations to the design will be charged by the hour.

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